5/1/2024 Update: Phase 1 shipped out today, and Phase 2 is on track to ship out 5/15.

5/15/2024 Update: All pre-orders have shipped!

How’s it going everyone! MVP just announced some new discs, and restocked some, and we were able to pre-order them! Read below to find out more information!

Please note: Release Date is TBD. Phase 1 and Phase 2 may ship separately. If you order both phases, your order will ship when the last disc arrives.

IF ORDERING NON-PREORDER ITEMS: We suggest you do this in a separate order, as orders with preorder items ship together, and ship once the last item in the order arrives.

You may make a color/weight request as an order note at checkout and we will try to make it happen. Color will otherwise be 100% random and include all and colors. Weight will otherwise be within weight range specified when ordering each product. For some products, we may not be able to offer weight ranges, and will then be a completely random weight if not specified in order notes OR if we do not have the weight requested.

Any items ordered with these pre order items will not ship until these can ship together with them. 


Phase 1:

Proton Soft Glitch

Proton Soft Tempo

Prism Proton Hex

Proton Soft Paradox

Eclipse Servo

Eclipse Drift

Phase 2:

Eclipse Watt

Eclipse Orbital

Prism Neutron Trance

Neutron Soft Crave

Prism Proton Soft Vanish

Proton Soft Hex