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Glow D-Line (Flex 3)176g - D4993$15.99
Glow D-Line (Flex 3)176g - D4994$15.99
Glow D-Line (Flex 3)176g - D4995$15.99
Glow D-Line (Flex 3)176g - D4999$15.99
Glow D-Line (Flex 3)176 - D5041$15.99
Glow D-Line (Flex 3)176 - D5042$15.99


Speed 2 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade .5

The Rainmaker is a putter designed by none other than Eagle McMahon, one of the deadliest players on the putting green. Eagle got the opportunity to design a disc of his dreams and he used it well, by designing the world’s best putting putter. The Rainmaker is a slightly lower profile, straighter and beveled version of a P2.

“What makes the Rainmaker special to me is the fact I was heavily involved in the design process. The Rainmaker represents everything I want in a putter. I will primarily use it for putting, but the shape of the disc also makes it an incredible point and shoot throwing putter with great glide.” -Eagle McMahon

The Rainmaker is a Creator Series mold, meaning it’s reserved exclusively for Eagle McMahon releases.

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Glow D-Line (Flex 3)

Weight - Option

176g – D4992, 176g – D4993, 176g – D4994, 176g – D4995, 176g – D4996, 176g – D4997, 176g – D4998, 176g – D4999, 176g – D5000, 176 – D5038, 176 – D5039, 176 – D5040, 176 – D5041, 176 – D5042


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