Dynamic Discs EMac Judge


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Prime Burst173g - B1586$9.99
Prime Burst173g - B1587$9.99
Prime Burst173g - B1588$9.99
Prime Burst176g - B1589$9.99
Prime Burst176g - B1590$9.99
Prime Burst176g - B1591$9.99
Prime Burst176g - B1592$9.99
Prime Burst176g - B1593$9.99
Prime Burst176g - B1594$9.99
Prime Burst176g - B1595$9.99


Speed 2 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 1

The Dynamic Discs Emac Judge is a new twist on a classic mold. This Judge features a smaller, almost undetectable bead for those who prefer a more streamline profile in their putters.

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Prime Burst

Weight - Option

173g – B1586, 173g – B1587, 173g – B1588, 176g – B1589, 176g – B1590, 176g – B1591, 176g – B1592, 176g – B1593, 176g – B1594, 176g – B1595


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