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Elevation Interceptor

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Speed 5 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

The Interceptor is a stable to overstable approach mid. It’s made out of a soft, durable rubber. It was designed to be the perfect approach & layup disc- it will stick where it lands! The Interceptor has more weight around the rim and a thinner flight plate, giving you great grip on a soft rubber disc. It has a small groove on the flight plate, creating the perfect grip for forehand or backhand throws. This disc is PDGA Approved.

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Rubber info from Elevation:

We are proud to introduce ecoFLOP and ecoFLEX to our material lineup! Both are made with vulcanized natural rubber, but include up to 30% recycled material! ecoFLEX gives you more support when throwing due to its stiff yet flexible design. ecoFLOP is closer in flexibility to our OG rubber while remaining slightly stiffer on average. Both new materials have an extremely grippy feel (think pink eraser or new car tire), and can take a hit! Their flexibility combined with the high tensile strength of natural rubber helps them maintain their flight for an extraordinarily long time.


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ecoFLEX, ecoFLOP

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