Eagles Wings Innova Mamba


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Star170g - C2550$16.95
Star171g - C2551$16.95
Star171g - C2552$16.95
Star171g - C2553$16.95
Star172g - C2554$16.95
Star173g - C2555$16.95
Star173g - C2556$16.95
Star173g - C2557$16.95
Star173g - C2558$16.95
Star173g - C2559$16.95


Speed 11 | Glide 6 | Turn -5 | Fade 1

The Innova Mamba is the most understable high speed distance driver in the Innova line. This disc will help intermediate players get more distance, and will provide the ultimate turn for powerful throwers. This driver is good for tailwind throws, turnover shots, and makes a good roller.

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Weight - Option

170g – C2550, 171g – C2551, 171g – C2552, 171g – C2553, 172g – C2554, 173g – C2555, 173g – C2556, 173g – C2557, 173g – C2558, 173g – C2559


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