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Innova Pig


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R-Pro175g - C2590$11.95
R-Pro175g - C2591$11.95
R-Pro175g - C2592$11.95
R-Pro175g - C2593$11.95
R-Pro175g - C2594$11.95
R-Pro175g - C2595$11.95
R-Pro175g - C2596$11.95
R-Pro175g - C2597$11.95
R-Pro175g - C2598$11.95
R-Pro175g - C2599$11.95


Speed 3 | Glide 1 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

This overstable putter has a big thick Thumtrac Rim. The Pig is a slow overstable disc that hardly glides. It’s great for hyzer putts and throwing into headwinds. The Innova Pig is available in the soft grippy R-Pro plastic.

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Weight - Option

175g – C2590, 175g – C2591, 175g – C2592, 175g – C2593, 175g – C2594, 175g – C2595, 175g – C2596, 175g – C2597, 175g – C2598, 175g – C2599


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