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BT Hybrid177g - C1345$19.99
BT Hybrid177g - C1346$19.99
BT Hybrid177g - C1347$19.99
BT Hybrid177g - C1348$19.99
BT Hybrid177g - C1349$19.99
BT Hybrid177g - C1350$19.99
BT Hybrid177g - C1351$19.99
BT Hybrid177g - C1352$19.99
BT Hybrid177g - C1353$19.99
BT Hybrid177g - C1354$19.99


Speed 4 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2

The Gatekeeper wants to go right where you throw it, and it excels at holding angles. Even when thrown with power, the Gatekeeper stays true with a slight tendency to fade. With surprising high-speed stability and a comfortable rim, enlist the Gatekeeper to help you stay in the fairway.

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BT Hybrid

Weight - Option

177g – C1345, 177g – C1346, 177g – C1347, 177g – C1348, 177g – C1349, 177g – C1350, 177g – C1351, 177g – C1352, 177g – C1353, 177g – C1354


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