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MVP/Axiom/Streamline December 2021 Pre-Orders!

How’s it going everyone! MVP just announced some new discs, and restocked some, and we were able to pre-order some! Read below to find out more information!

UPDATE 2/16: We should be receiving and shipping these out on Friday, 2/18. Thank you all for your patience!

Please note: there is no release date, so we can sell/ship once they arrive. We don’t know for sure when MVP will ship these to us. We know it will be February 2022 at the earliest.

IF ORDERING NON-PREORDER ITEMS: We suggest you do this in a separate order, as preorders ship together, and ship once the last item in the order arrives.

You may make a color/weight request as an order note at checkout and we will try to make it happen. Color will otherwise be 100% random and include all and colors. Weight will otherwise be within weight range specified when ordering each product. For some products, we may not be able to offer weight ranges, and will then be a completely random weight if not specified in order notes.

Any items ordered with these pre order items will not ship until these can ship together with them. 


Electron Mystery Boxes (LIMIT ONE)

SE R2, R2, Plasma Nomad

SE Neutron, Neutron Orbital

Neutron, Proton, Electron Matrix

Neutron Motion

Neutron, Proton Octane

Neutron Ohm

Neutron, Proton, Plasma Tesla

Neutron, Cosmic Neutron, Proton, Plasma Wave

Neutron Crave

Neutron, Plasma, Proton Fireball

Neutron Mayhem

Neutron Tenacity

Neutron, Proton Vanish

Neutron Wrath

Plasma, Eclipse Envy

Plasma, Eclipse Proxy

Neutron Lift

Cosmic Neutron, Plasma Trace

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