Axiom Fireball


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Neutron165g - C1995$16.95


Speed 9 | Glide 3.5 | Turn 0 | Fade 3.5

The Fireball is overstable and wind-resistant like the MVP Motion but has an overall straighter and longer flight profile. The Fireball has a longer forward push during its early stage of fade, similar to a Firebird, where the Motion would have begun a long gradual fade. At the end of its flight, the Fireball will drop later and more abruptly than the Motion.

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Proton, Neutron, Plasma

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165g – C1988, 165g – C1989, 166g – C1990, 167g – C1991, 173g – C1992, 174g – C1993, 174g – C1994, 165g – C1995, 166g – C1996, 167g – C1997, 168g – C1998, 168g – C1999, 173g – C2000, 165g – C2001, 166g – C2002, 168g – C2003, 169g – C2004, 170g – C2005, 170g – C2006, 174g – C2007


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