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Axiom Fireball


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Neutron165g - F2502$15.95
Neutron166g - F2503$15.95
Neutron167g - F2504$15.95
Neutron167g - F2505$15.95
Neutron167g - F2506$15.95
Neutron170g - F2507$15.95
Neutron170g - F2508$15.95
Neutron171g - F2509$15.95
Neutron173g - F2510$15.95


Speed 9 | Glide 3.5 | Turn 0 | Fade 3.5

The Fireball is overstable and wind-resistant like the MVP Motion but has an overall straighter and longer flight profile. The Fireball has a longer forward push during its early stage of fade, similar to a Firebird, where the Motion would have begun a long gradual fade. At the end of its flight, the Fireball will drop later and more abruptly than the Motion.



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165g – F2502, 166g – F2503, 167g – F2504, 167g – F2505, 167g – F2506, 170g – F2507, 170g – F2508, 171g – F2509, 173g – F2510


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