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Prism Neutron178g - D257$16.95
Prism Plasma174g - D246$16.95


Speed 5 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 2.5

The Prism Pyro has a Proton core and Prism rim produces a stunning dual-toned translucent disc. The Prism Pyro was designed as Axiom’s first overstable Midrange with more glide than the MVP Deflector and a commanding stable finish. The Pyro has enough stability for consistent flights in strong winds and powerful throws without losing its line and turning off target.

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Prism Plasma, Prism Neutron

Weight - Option

178g – D257, 178g – D258, 174g – D243, 174g – D246, 174g – D248, 172g – D3804, 172g – D3805, 172g – D3806, 174g – D3807, 175g – D3808, 176g – D3809, 178g – D3810, 179g – D3811, 179g – D3812, 179g – D3813


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