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Chroma C-Line175g - D3649$23.99
Chroma C-Line177g - D3652$23.99
Chroma C-Line177g - D3653$23.99
Chroma C-Line177g - D3654$23.99
Chroma C-Line177g - D3655$23.99
Chroma C-Line177g - D3656$23.99
Chroma C-Line177g - D3657$23.99
Chroma C-Line177g - D3658$23.99
Chroma C-Line177g - D3659$23.99
Chroma C-Line177g - D3660$23.99
Chroma C-Line178g - D3664$23.99
Chroma C-Line180g - D3669$23.99
Chroma C-Line180g - D3670$23.99


Speed 5 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 1

Eagle McMahon Signature Series Iron Samurai 4 is a fantastic all-around midrange that can handle quite a bit of torque. It glides straight with a reliable mellow fade at the end of the flight. The Iron Samurai MD3’s have been Eagle’s go-to midranges for years. Eagle trusts the MD3 for all kinds of midrange shot shapes when it matters the most.

Chroma plastic is extremely durable and catches the eye with its distinct pearlescent look. The Iron Samurai 4 in the Chroma plastic feels firm and grippy in hand to give you the extra bit of confidence when you’re preparing to slice it straight through the narrow fairway.


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Chroma C-Line

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174g – D3645, 174g – D3646, 175g – D3647, 175g – D3648, 175g – D3649, 175g – D3650, 176g – D3651, 177g – D3652, 177g – D3653, 177g – D3654, 177g – D3655, 177g – D3656, 177g – D3657, 177g – D3658, 177g – D3659, 177g – D3660, 177g – D3661, 177g – D3662, 177g – D3663, 178g – D3664, 178g – D3665, 179g – D3666, 180g – D3667, 180g – D3668, 180g – D3669, 180g – D3670


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