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 ThumbnailPlasticWeight - OptionPrice
S-Line173g - Pink/Rainbow$19.99
S-Line173g - Orange/Blue$19.99
S-Line174g - Teal/Red$19.99
S-Line176g - Yellow/Sunset$19.99
S-Line171g - D7195$19.99
S-Line172g - D7196$19.99
S-Line173g - D7198$19.99
C-Line171g - D5359$18.99
C-Line172g - D5363$18.99
C-Line173g - D5364$18.99
C-Line173g - D5365$18.99
C-Line173g - D5366$18.99
C-Line173g - D5368$18.99
C-Line173g - D5369$18.99
C-Line174g - D5370$18.99
C-Line174g - D5371$18.99
C-Line174g - D5374$18.99
C-Line175g - D5375$18.99


Speed 7 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 2

The FD1 is a brand new disc to Discmania’s Originals disc line designed to fill the gap between our two icons, the FD and FD3. A stable flight with dependable fade is a winning combo for accuracy when you need to hit the fairways. It will have some similarities to that of a C-line FD in feel, but the glide has been stepped down a notch and low speed fade added to create more stability for windy situations and pinpoint accuracy. Players will fall in love with the FD1‘s relatively flat profile and smooth release on backhand and sidearm shots.


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S-Line, C-Line

Weight - Option

170g – D7194, 171g – D7195, 172g – D7196, 172g – D7197, 173g – D7198, 173g – D7199, 174g – D7200, 174g – D7201, 174g – D7202, 174g – D7203, 174g – D7204, 176g – D7205, 176g – D7206, 171g – D5359, 171g – D5360, 172g – D5363, 173g – D5364, 173g – D5365, 173g – D5366, 173g – D5368, 173g – D5369, 174g – D5370, 174g – D5371, 174g – D5372, 174g – D5374, 175g – D5375, 173g – Pink/Rainbow, 173g – Orange/Blue, 174g – Teal/Red, 176g – Yellow/Sunset


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