Discraft Ledgestone Focus


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Ti Swirl173-174g - D555$19.95
Ti Swirl173-174g - D557$19.95
Ti Swirl173-174g - D560$19.95
Ti Swirl173-174g - D561$19.95
Ti Swirl173-174g - D562$19.95
Ti Swirl173-174g - D564$19.95


Speed 2 | Glide 2 | Turn -1 | Fade 2

Discraft’s big bead putter, the Focus is a deep putter with a large bead on the bottom which provides clean consistent releases for deadly accuracy on the greens. The Focus putter was the 2009 Ace Race disc.

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Ti Swirl

Weight - Option

173-174g – D555, 173-174g – D556, 173-174g – D557, 173-174g – D558, 173-174g – D559, 173-174g – D560, 173-174g – D561, 173-174g – D562, 173-174g – D563, 173-174g – D564, 173-174g – D565


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