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Z173-174g - D702$14.95
Z173-174g - D704$14.95
Z173-174g - D1444$14.95
Z175-176g - D705$14.95
Z175-176g - D706$14.95
Z175-176g - D707$14.95
Z175-176g - D1445$14.95
Z175-176g - D1446$14.95


Speed 8 | Glide 4 | Turn -2 | Fade 2

The Mantis™ is a utility driver for experienced players, and a distance driver for newer players. A touch of overstability enables control at slow or high speeds. Rip it hard for a hyzer flip or “S” distance shot, or hold a straight line at slower speeds. Try Mantis for straight thumber shots too!

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Weight - Option

173-174g – D702, 173-174g – D704, 173-174g – D1444, 175-176g – D705, 175-176g – D706, 175-176g – D707, 175-176g – D1445, 175-176g – D1446


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