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Prime Burst177g - C294$9.95
Prime Burst178g - C295$9.95
Prime Burst179g - C296$9.95
Prime Burst179g - C297$9.95
Prime Burst180g - C298$9.95
Prime Burst180g - C299$9.95
Prime Burst180g - C300$9.95
Prime Burst180g - C301$9.95
Prime Burst180g - C302$9.95


Speed 5 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2

The EMac Truth is an overstable mid-range disc designed to offer a more stable flight than the regular Truth mid-range driver. This version of the disc is Eric McCabe’s signature disc and was designed to his specifications. This disc will hold any line you give it and is often used as a very effective upshot driver. Offering a predictable fade but a long flight with its high glide, this disc holds true every time you throw it.

In Prime Burst plastic, expect it to be slightly less stable than its more premium plastic counterparts.

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Prime Burst


177g – C294, 178g – C295, 179g – C296, 179g – C297, 180g – C298, 180g – C299, 180g – C300, 180g – C301, 180g – C302


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