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 ThumbnailPlasticWeight - OptionPrice
Classic Supreme173g - D4220$12.99
Classic Supreme173g - D4221$12.99
Classic Supreme173g - D4222$12.99
Classic Supreme173g - D4223$12.99
Classic Supreme174g - D4224$12.99
Classic Supreme174g - D4225$12.99
Classic Supreme174g - D4226$12.99
Classic Supreme176g - D4227$12.99
Classic Supreme176g - D4228$12.99
Classic Supreme176g - D4229$12.99


Speed 2 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 1

The new era of Dynamic Discs plastic rolls on with our Prototype Classic Supreme Judge—the second mold released in our game-changing Supreme Series.
This brand-new disc pays homage to our original Judge putter while embracing the game-changing features of our Classic Supreme plastic—a plastic line engineered to give today’s players the superior grip and durability they expect from a quality disc.
Grab a Prototype Classic Supreme Judge today and let its sturdy feel and great grip give you a competitive advantage off the tee or inside the circle.

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Classic Supreme

Weight - Option

173g – D4220, 173g – D4221, 173g – D4222, 173g – D4223, 174g – D4224, 174g – D4225, 174g – D4226, 176g – D4227, 176g – D4228, 176g – D4229


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