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 ThumbnailPlasticWeight - OptionPrice
Neutron167g - Sky Blue$16.95
Neutron167g - Orange$16.95
Neutron173g - Yellow$16.95
Neutron174g - Blue$16.95
Neutron175g - Red$16.95


Speed 6 | Glide 5 | Turn -2 | Fade 1

The Relay features a slim 16mm wing that feels extra chunky in the hand while still being MVP’s easiest to grip driver. While advanced and expert throwers will have a healthy flip and turn to carve with, beginner to average disc golfers will get a controllable straight flyer that doesn’t need much power. The Relay’s low-speed demands make it the easiest MVP driver to throw for beginners and the best all-around “powered-down” disc for experts.


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Weight - Option

167g – Sky Blue, 167g – Orange, 173g – Yellow, 174g – Blue, 175g – Red


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