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Neutron175g - D1177$15.95
Neutron175g - D1178$15.95
Proton174g - D2311$15.95
Proton175g - D2313$15.95
Proton175g - D2314$15.95
Proton175g - D2315$15.95


Speed 11 | Glide 5 | Turn -3 | Fade 2

With a Jet this powerful, you have to make sure to follow the schematics! This stylized diagram by the venerable Michael Ramanauskas captures the essence of Streamline’s newest driver: the Jet! Astute observers may have already noticed that this SE is part of a family with Ramanauskas’ previous work on Streamline SEs. This SE is a visually interesting, clean, and — dare I say it — streamlined work that looks equally in place both at the course and in your collection at home. Prepare for liftoff with the Streamline Jet Neutron SE!

The Jet is here to provide easy, understable distance for all arm speeds! With flight numbers of 11 | 5 | -3 | 2, players with high arm speed can expect some awe-inspiring hyzer flips and massive turnovers with the Jet. Plus, in a tailwind, the Jet absolutely crushes. Lower arm speed players will find the Jet to be an amazingly straight-to-fade distance driver, with some potential line shaping ability thanks to its natural turn. As the understable complement to the Trace, the Jet fills a valuable niche for players of all arm speeds. Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-throw distance driver, or you love shaping lines from hyzer, the Jet is the driver for you!

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Proton, Neutron

Weight - Option

167g – D1175, 175g – D1177, 175g – D1178, 174g – D2311, 175g – D2312, 175g – D2313, 175g – D2314, 175g – D2315


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