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Axiom Vanish

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Speed 11 | Glide 5 | Turn -3 | Fade 2

The Vanish will be straight to understable depending on the thrower and wind conditions. The Vanish’s stability profile places it near a threshold of being straight at low power or in tailwinds, and controllably understable at high power or in mild headwinds. As a 21mm class GYRO® driver, the Vanish is designed to hit a midpoint of stability between two MVP Disc Sports models, the Wave and Orbital.



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Sarah Hokom Neutron, Cosmic Neutron


167-169g, 171-175g, 172-175g


C1705, C1706, C1707, C1708, C1709, C1710, C1711, C1712, C1713, C1714, C1715, C1716, C1717, C1718, C1719, C1720, C1721, C1722, C1723, C1724, C1725, C1726, C1727, C1728, C1729, C1730, C1731, C1732, C1733, C1734, C1735, C1736, C1737, C1738, C1739, C1740, C1741, C1742, C1743


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