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400173g - D1637$14.95
400173g - D1638$14.95
400174g - D1639$14.95
400174g - D1640$14.95
400174g - D1641$14.95
400174g - D1642$14.95
400174g - D1643$14.95
400174g - D1644$14.95
400174g - D1645$14.95
400174g - D1646$14.95
400175g - D1647$14.95
400175g - D1648$14.95
400175g - D1649$14.95
400175g - D1650$14.95
400176g - D1651$14.95


Speed 3 | Glide 4 | Turn -1 | Fade 1

The Prodigy A5 is a slightly overstable approach disc that will work in to be a straight flyer. It has a nice, smooth feel with a shallow profile and flat top, which makes it ideal for sidearm approaches. It can handle torque well and has a mild finish on the end, so it won’t skip too far from where it lands.

**The feel in the hand is very similar to the Distortion

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Weight - Option

173g – D1637, 173g – D1638, 174g – D1639, 174g – D1640, 174g – D1641, 174g – D1642, 174g – D1643, 174g – D1644, 174g – D1645, 174g – D1646, 175g – D1647, 175g – D1648, 175g – D1649, 175g – D1650, 176g – D1651


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