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350G170g - B1006$15.45
350G171g - B1007$15.45
350G173g - B1008$15.45
350G173g - B1009$15.45
350G173g - B1010$15.45
350G173g - B1011$15.45
350G174g - B1012$15.45
350G174g - B1013$15.45
350G174g - B1014$15.45
350G174g - B1015$15.45


The fourth putter in the Prodigy line is described as “the straightest flying” prodigy putter. The PA3 is a beaded putter, meaning there is a small bump around the edge of the bottom rim. Many disc golfers find putters with beaded rims to provide a more comfortable grip.

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Weight - Option

170g – B1006, 171g – B1007, 173g – B1008, 173g – B1009, 173g – B1010, 173g – B1011, 174g – B1012, 174g – B1013, 174g – B1014, 174g – B1015


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